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Advantages of Multiple Diamond Dressing Tools

2024-04-09 17:53


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Advantages of Multiple Diamond Dressing Tools

The multiple diamond tool offers significant advantages over the single diamond: a) No one can guarantee consistent performance with a single diamond.

The multiple diamond tool presents significant advantages compared to the single diamond:

a) No one can guarantee a constant performance on a single diamond unless using AgoCate® or MonoSint®. Different performance levels can be observed, either lower or higher, even just by using 4-5 tips of the same diamond. It may happen that choosing a higher quality, and therefore more expensive, diamond does not result in satisfactory performance;

b) For these reasons, the multiple diamond tool is used, as multiple tips are operational. Once the performance of a tool is verified, all others of the same type will have a consistent performance;

c) The most important advantage of the multiple over the single is economic. Indeed, a 2-carat extra quality diamond (6 tips) can be turned over a maximum of 5 times. The consumption of each tip corresponds more or less to 5 cents per carat, so the operator will verify a consumption of approximately 30 cents per carat compared to the initial 2 carats. Apart from the initial cost and the five turnovers, it is necessary to have 2 tools for each machine; with the multiple, no turnovers are necessary anymore and the diamond consumption, still referring to 2 carats, turns out to be 1.70-1.80 carats;

d) After 5 turnovers, the diamond is almost spherical and in any case cannot be further used. It is evident how the user, who paid for 2 carats, ends up with an unusable diamond weighing 1.60-1.70 carats, with a considerable cost. With the multiple, the opposite is true: paid for two carats, used 1.70-1.80.